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Whitley Holistics was founded by husband and wife, Walker and Aubrey Whitley. We started this company because of the remarkable benefits we found through keeping up with our physical, mental, and spiritual well-beings. As our lives progressed from athletes to bodybuilders and then to include mental health, diet expertise, meditation, and reiki healing practices, we realized the profound affect we received from combining these together. We hold a strong love for these practices because of the healing properties they've had on us. Now, we'd like to share them with you! 

Yogi’s don’t have a monopoly on mindfulness. We intend on bringing the integration of mind, body, and spirit working as one unit into bodybuilding. At Whitley Holistics, we focus on the ENTIRE well-being of an individual- not just the physical body.

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IIFBB Pro & Coach


My passion is to work with others to reach their fitness goals, as well as, remove personal obstacles preventing them from living their best lives! I choose to incorporate practices of mindfulness, reiki healing, yoga, and meditation into bodybuilding as I believe every part of YOU must be functioning optimally to achieve top performance!

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NPC Competitor - Coach - Former Professional Athlete

I've spent the better part of my life learning how to improve athletic performance and build muscle. My passion lies in the details of diet and training. I love optimization! The strategies I employ are based on time-tested principles and cutting edge information.

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